Zong Advance Balance Code | Advance Loan Service 2023

It often happens that we do not have the balance but need to make an emergency call or SMS. In such situation you don’t need to worry at all, I am going to tell you a service of Zong which you can get Zong advance balance.

In this article, we have provided all the details of this service. You can get advance balance anytime. Most importantly, only prepaid SIM users can use this service. Zong postpaid SIM users cannot use this service.

Zong advance balance code

Zong provides instant loans to its customers in emergency situations. You can get Rs. Loans from Rs 15 to Rs 60 anytime, anywhere. Below are all the details of the Zong advance balance code. Follow the steps and get advance balance.

How do I get Zong advance balance?

Get Zong advance loan to get instant loan for calls, sms and internet. Zong users can also apply for super advance loans with higher amounts.

There are three ways to get an advance balance from Zong:

Method 1:

Follow these steps to avail of the Zong loan through code:

  1. Dial *911#.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message from the service shortly.
  3. Instant credit is now available.

Method 2:

You can also receive a loan from Zong by SMS. Follow these steps to get a loan:

  1. Send a blank text message to 6911
  2. Now you can enjoy this instant credit

This is a very easy and common way to get a Zong advance balance.

Method 3:

Another way to get Zong advance balance is through the My Zong app. Follow these steps to get a loan using the My Zong app:

  1. First if you have not downloaded the My Zong app so download the app.
  2. Then open it, you will see on the home page that you should go to the loan section and tap on the “Get Loan” button.

So there were some simple steps to getting the advance balance. Follow these steps to get a loan and enjoy this service.

Zong loan charges

The following amounts are deducted from the customer’s account due to their recharge history during the last three months:

Loan NameLoan AmountService Charges
Single Advance LoanRs.15Rs. 4.5 plus tax
Two Standard Advance LoansRs. 30Rs. 9 plus tax
Single Super Advance LoanRs. 30Rs. 8 plus tax
Two Super Advance LoansRs. 60Rs. 16 plus tax

Pros & cons

Instant loans for calls, SMS, and internet access in emergency situations.Available only for prepaid SIM users, postpaid SIM users cannot use this service.
Helps users make urgent calls and send messages when they have insufficient balance.Service charges can be relatively high, especially for higher loan amounts.


Standard rate customers will be available for a loan advance of PKR 30 while higher rate customers will be available for a loan advance of PKR 60.

Users will get PKR 15 for standard price tries and PKR 30 for high-value section tries and a maximum of two advance loans can be availed on a single recharge.

The minimum recharge for a standard advance loan (PKR 30) is PKR 50. Customers should recharge at least PKR 100 for a super advance loan (PKR 60).

No, this offer will only work on prepaid SIMs.


This service is an efficient and helpful service for prepaid SIM users that offers them quick and easy solutions in emergency situations. Zong provides services only for the convenience of its customers so that you can make calls anytime anywhere and you don’t have to face any problem due to lack of balance.

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