Zong Balance Check Code | Check Your Remaining Balance

Zong balance check service can be used to check your remaining balance. You can learn how to check your Zong balance by using a special code. This service can only be used by prepaid SIM users. Here we will provided you all the methods of the Zong balance check service.

Just dial *222# and you will receive an SMS with your balance information. The charges for this balance are only 0.24. Here we will tell you all the details and method of this service.

Zong balance check code

There are four ways to check your Zong balance.

  • Through Text
  • Through Zong App
  • Through Call
  • If you have cellular data or wifi

Check your balance through the code

You can check your balance with two codes. You can see below:

Dial *222#Rs.0.24+Tax/Inquiry
Dial *310#Rs.0.24+Tax/Inquiry

Zong customers can now easily check their balance using the USSD string Zong mobile app or by calling the customer care helpline. These methods are all very easy and simple.

  • Open your phone dialer.
  • Dial *222# and wait for a few seconds to check your balance

Note: You can also call the Zong customer care helpline to check your remaining balance. Just dial 310 to take advantage of all the helpline services.

Those with a prepaid SIM can also check usage details by dialing *310#. By using this self-service channel Zong customers can quickly check their remaining balance and activate or deactivate any package and get the most recent information on Zong best packages.

Zong balance check through My Zong app

Download the My Zong app from the Google Play Store and launch it using your existing Zong number. Get ready to manage everything with just a few clicks.

Additionally to balance queries the app may help you with a wide range of other features such as:

  • Sharing your balance with anyone
  • Information on Zong packages
  • Package deactivation/activation
  • Online shopping
  • Immediate gaming
  • Entertainer equipment
  • Resolution of complaints

Zong balance check through call

You can also dial 310 to check your Zong balance which is the 24/7 helpline service of Zong. You have to pay PKR 2 tax on each call. You just need to call this number and follow the instructions given by the operator.

Check your balance if you have cellular data or wifi

You can also use another method to check Zong balance. If you have a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, you can check the remaining balance for free.

You just need to go to the play store to install the My Zong app. Install it then sign up with your CNIC and phone number. You can then view the remaining balance on the home screen of the app.

The balance verification process is really simple and easy. Only a few data charges will apply in this method. But you can get specific balance details there.

Pros & cons

Quick and easy way to check balance.Only available to Zong prepaid subscribers.
Can be done without an internet connection.No additional features beyond balance inquiry.
Low cost for balance inquiry (Rs. 0.24+Tax).The helpline option may have a higher cost (Rs. 2 per call).
My Zong app offers additional features.My Zong app requires installation and smartphone compatibility.
My Zong app provides convenience.Data charges may apply when using the app with cellular data.
The helpline provides 24/7 assistance.The helpline option is limited to prepaid subscribers.
Checking your balance through Wi-Fi is free.Checking balance through the app may use data.


  • Dial *222# and you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone.
  • You can also check your Zong balance by dialing *310#.

Yes, you can check your balance through the My Zong app.

If you want to check your balance through the Zong helpline simply dial 310 on your mobile phone.


Customers can check their balance by dialing *222#. Alternatively quick access to balance information and additional features such as package management and dispute resolution are available through the My Zong app and by Zong helpline.

This Zong balance check service is very useful for you. Prepaid SIM users can also check their balance by dialing *310#, and it wiil take charges Rs. 2. The app makes it easy for Zong users to check their balance for free via wifi or cellular data. So you may need to install My Zong app.

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