Zong Internet Packages

Zong internet packages are very useful for Zong users as they cost very less. Here we have provided all Zong daily, weekly and monthly packages. Zong was founded in 2008 and has since revolutionized connectivity with its innovative 2G, 3G and 4G services that offer super-fast internet and smooth browsing.

Zong is Pakistan’s number 1 cheap package provider. Due to this it is very popular in Pakistan and has a lot of users. These packages are very affordable, so check out all details the Zong internet packages below.

Zong daily packages

Choose your favorite Zong daily internet package from the list below then dial *6464# for the price activation menu or enter the number on the Zong website to subscribe. The below packages are available for 24 hours only. This list containing all daily internet packages of Zong has been updated.

Package NamePriceDetailsValidity
Daily BasicRs. 23100MB1 Day
Daily Data MaxRs. 49500MB for YouTube/MB1 Day
2 Hour NonStop offerRs 12unlimited Zong minutes, 1 GB of internet2 hours
Daily Shandar OfferRs. 17 plus taxunlimited Zong minutes, 50 MBs of data, 800 SMS1 Day
Daily DTORs. 231.5 GB of data (4am – 7pm)1 Day
Daily GNORs. 232.5 GB of internetAll night long
Daily Social OfferRs. 231.5 GB of social data1 Day

Here are all the daily Zong internet packages. Sometimes you just need more data for 1 day and don’t have enough balance to subscribe to any monthly or weekly package so don’t worry. Zong has provided daily internet packages for its customers. You can subscribe to any package.

Zong weekly packages

Zong provides best weekly internet packages. We have given all Zong weekly internet packages for their activation code so that you can subscribe easily.

Package NamePriceDetailsValidity
Super WeeklyRs. 2004 GB07 Days
Super Weekly PlusRs. 2908GB, unlimited Zong mins, 60 off-net mins and unlimited SMS07 Days
Super Weekly MaxRs. 36525 GB internet07 Days
Weekly YouTube OfferRs. 1358GB data for YouTube07 Days
Weekly Mega Data OfferRs. 110100GB (1 AM to 9 AM)07 Days (1 AM – 9 AM)
Shandar Haftawar OfferRs. 120500 zong mins, 40 off-net mins, 500 sms and 500 MB internet07 Days
Haftawar Punjab OfferRs. 1603 GB internet, 1000 SMS, 1000 on-net mins and 100 off-net mins07 Days
All in One WeeklyRs. 2204 GB Internet, 5000 on-net minutes, 60 off-net minutes and 5000 sms07 Days
Haftawar Load OfferRs. 34012 GB internet, unlimited on-net, 100 off-net minutes and unlimited SMS07 Days

Zong also offers a variety of weekly packages that are highly beneficial to its users. These packages come at affordable prices making it easy for you to choose and subscribe to any weekly Zong package that suits your needs.

Zong monthly packages

These are all Zong monthly packages.You can enjoy this package for a whole month. You can choose a favorite package from the list below.

Package NamePriceDetailsValidity
Monthly Social BundleRs. 24012 GB social data, 250 Zong minutes, 50 offnet minutes and 250 SMS30 Days
Monthly SupremeRs. 99920 GB internet, 5000 sms, 350 off-net and 5000 Zong mins,30 Days
Monthly Pro OfferRs. 124940 GB internet, 600 offnet mins, 10000 sms and 10000 Zong mins30 Days
Monthly Family BundleRs. 200040 GB internet, 10 GB WhatsApp, 10 GB Facebook, 600 off-net mins, 15000 sms and 15000 Zongmins30 Days
Monthly super offerRs. 129920 GB internet, 6 GB youtube, 5000 on-net mins, 5000 sms, 4 GB WhatsApp, 450 off-net mins30 Days
Monthly Super Star OfferRs. 5758 GB internet, 500 off-net mins, 3000 sms and 3000 Zong mins30 Days
Monthly 5 GBRs. 2995 GB30 Days
Monthly 20 GBRs. 57520 GB (including 10 GB 1 AM to 9 AM)30 Days
Monthly 40 GBRs.89940GB (20GB only 1 AM to 9 AM)30 Days
Monthly WhatsApp OfferRs. 805GB data for WhatsApp30 Days
Monthly Facebook OfferRs. 1136GB data for Facebook30 Days
Monthly WhatsApp Plus OfferRs. 1605GB data for WhatsApp and imo, 30 off-net minutes, and 200 on-net minutes30 Days
Monthly Google Duo OfferRs. 102GB data for Google Duo30 Days
Monthly IMO OfferRs. 802.5 GB data for IMO30 Days
Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 9GBRs. 7854GB and 5GB (4 am – 4 pm)30 Days
Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 27 GBRs. 125012GB and 15GB (4 am – 4 pm)30 Days
Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 65 GBRs. 210065 GB30 Days
MBB Exclusive OfferRs. 3500150GB30 Days
Zong Super CardRs. 69910 GB, 250 off-net, 3000 SMS and unlimited on-net minutes30 Days

Experience seamless connectivity with Zong monthly internet packages. Stay connected all month with affordable and reliable high-speed internet. Perfect for travelers and technology enthusiasts, Zong budget-friendly offerings are unmatched. Embrace the digital world with Zong exceptional connectivity solutions. Subcribe and enjoy.

So these all are Zong Internet packages for prepaid SIM users. You can also know Zong Internet packages for postpaid SIM users.

Zong Internet packages for postpaid SIM users

Zong has also made available several new Zong Internet packages for its postpaid users. A list of all postpaid internet packages of Zong is provided here to give users more options to avail the offer.

Package NamePriceDetailsValidity
Z data 20 GBRs. 1000 plus tax20 GBs30 Days
Z data 10 GBRs. 600 plus tax10 GB30 Days
Z data 3 GBRs. 250 plus tax3 GB30 Days
Monthly YouTube 25 GBRs.800 plus tax25 GB (Only for Youtube)30 Days
Monthly Youtube 12 GBRs. 500 plus tax12 GB of data (Only for YouTube)30 Days

These are monthly Zong Internet packages for postpaid SIM users.

Package NameMonthly line rentDetailsMinimum security deposit
Z2500Rs. 2500 plus tax46,080 free MBs, unlimited on-net minutes, 1200 off-net minutes and 5000 sms5000
Z1200Rs.1200 plus tax20,480 free MBs, unlimited on-net minutes, 800 off-net minutes and 4000 sms3000
Z800Rs.800 plus tax10,240 free MBs, unlimited on-net minutes, 500 off-net minutes and 2000 sms2000
Z500Rs.500 plus tax4,096 free MBs, 1500 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes and 1000 sms1000

We have mentioned here the Z2500, Z1200, Z800 and Z500 packages.

Package NamePriceDetailsValidity
Zdata 20 GBRs. 1000 plus tax20 GBTill End of Billing Cycle
Zdata 10 GBRs. 600 plus tax10 GBTill End of Billing Cycle
Zdata 3 GBRs. 350 plus tax3 GBTill End of Billing Cycle
YouTube 25 GBRs. 800 plus tax25 GBs of data for YouTubeTill End of Billing Cycle
YouTube 12 GBRs. 500 plus tax12 GBs of data for YouTubeTill End of Billing Cycle

So these are all Zong internet packages for postpaid users. Zong has also created packages for postpaid users for convenience.


You can activate this service by dialing *6464#. By dialing the code a menu will appear from which you can choose internet packages or internet bundles.

On Zong WhatsApp is not completely free of charge. Zong offers a very affordable monthly WhatsApp package. You get 4GB of data with a 30-day validity for Rs. 38 plus tax.


One of the largest telecom operators in Pakistan Zong provides high-speed 2G, 3G and 4G networks in its amazing internet packages. All users will have a perfect connection due to the various packages that appeal to both prepaid and postpaid users.

All the specific wishes of the customer can be fulfilled by Zong choice of plans ranging from daily to monthly. So select your favorite packages, subscribe and enjoy the Zong internet packages.

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