Zong Number Check Code 2024

If you have forgotten your Zong number and don’t know how to check it, then you don’t need to worry. Just dial *310*9*2*4# to check Zong number. In this article, we will talk about Zong number check code, and it is very beneficial for you.

You can also install the My Zong app on your mobile phone to check the number and set up your account. Follow the below given method and know your number.

How can we check Zong SIM number without balance?

Many Zong users don’t remember their number when they get a new Zong SIM. Then it becomes difficult to balance them but now you don’t need to worry as we will tell you here how to know your SIM number.

How do we obtain a Zong number on CNIC?

A Zong number can be checked using CNIC using one of two main methods:

Zong official website

  • Visit Zong official website in Pakistan.
  • On the website look for the “Support” or “Help” area and click on it.
  • Find the option to check the number with the help of CNIC and click on it.
  • In the box provided enter the CNIC number.
  • Click the “Submit” or “Check” button.
  • The website will display the linked Zong number if the Zong number is registered with the CNIC.

Zong helpline

  • From your Zong SIM call Zong helpline number 310.
  • To reach a Zong service simply follow the audio prompts.
  • Requesting that they check the linked Zong number and give the customer support person the CNIC number.
  • In addition to giving you the Zong number linked to the CNIC the customer service person will confirm the CNIC

Zong number check code latest methods

Method 1:

  • Dial *8# on your Mobile Phone.
  • After that your Zong number will appear on your mobile screen when you receive an SMS.

Note: You do not need any balance to take advantage of this service, and if this code fails to work for you, dial *2# instead.

Method 2:

  • Dial *100#.
  • Then you will be able to see your number on your mobile screen.

Method 3:

  • Open the text message app on your mobile phone then create a new message.
  • Now type MNP in the text message and send it to 667.
  • You will receive the activation date of your Zong number and the name of the SIM owner in a text message.

Note: Remember that once you have to pay some charges to activate this service. So don’t forget to recharge your phone.

Method 4:

To check your Zong number for free, dial *310*9*2*4#. This is an authentic code that is absolutely free. Remember that the *310*9*2*4# check code needs a Zong prepaid SIM to work successfully.

Method 5:

A very simple option is to dial any friend’s number from your Zong SIM. Your friend’s phone will record your number when the phone rings.

Method 6:

The Zong SIM number appears in your phone’s settings. Access the phone number easily by going to Settings > About phone > All details > Status.

The process is basically the same for all devices however there may be some variations. Follow the above steps to find your Zong SIM number in your phone settings.

Zong number check code for prepaid SIM users

In addition depending on your location codes like:

  • *9#
  • *8#
  • *7#6
  • *5#
  • *4#
  • *3#
  • *2#
  • *1#
  • *0#

These all codes can be used.

Why Zong number check code needed?

It is unusual to forget your number, especially if you are a new Zong user or change your number frequently. Zong Number Check Code enables users to know their number quickly and easily and ensures that they never miss important calls, messages or offers.

Pros & Cons

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Multiple OptionsNo Update on Code Variations
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Yes dial *310*9*2*4# from your Zong prepaid SIM to check your Zong number for free. This is an accurate code that will display your Zong number on your mobile screen.


Zong number check code 2024 is a useful service for Zong users who need to find their SIM numbers easily and quickly. Zong has made this service really convenient for people who have forgotten their number. Now SIM number checking is very easy. Here we have provided many ways to activate this service so if you don’t succeed in the first method then don’t worry you can try other methods.

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