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Zong is providing very good service to its customers through Zong book my number. With its help, you can book your Golden Number online. Book your golden/favorite number and get it within three days. Zong BYN service made the process easy.

If you are planning to use the unique number provided by Zong, reserve your preferred Zong number immediately. Here is a guide to get Zong number. You are also provided with a link that will make it easy for you to select Zong golden number.

Table of Information of This Article

Service OverviewZong BYN service for online number bookings
Booking ProcessSearch for the desired golden number on Zong’s website, click the “Book Your Number” button to access the booking page, choose the desired number or follow the instructions to find one.
Required InformationType the reserved number, name, mobile number, Email address, CNIC, Pickup Channel, City, and nearest CSC/Franchise from the dropdown list type characters from the picture
Zong Golden Number PricePrices vary based on uniqueness and the first four digits
Pros and ConsPros: Convenient online booking process.
Cons: The availability of specific numbers may be limited.
FAQs1. What is the Zong Book My Number service, and how does it work?
ConclusionQuick and easy process to book Zong golden numbers. Act quickly due to limited availability. Zong offers various products and services for users.

Zong book my number

Zong, the first 4G and high-speed internet network, recently introduced a new service for its users. It’s only intended for online number bookings. Without any doubt, this service is being done for the user’s advantage.

The user can enter the golden number in the search box on Zong’s official website. The result will show a number and the corresponding number. However, it is up to you whether the number you want is available or not.

Click the given button. Automatically, a new tab will open with the Zong number booking page.

Book Your Number (Click Here)

Select the number you want from all these numbers. If you don’t find the number you are looking for follow the method below.

  • Select a serial number from these numbers.
  • First, enter four digits, now enter the remaining seven digits.
  • Click on the search button.
  • If you have found your golden number, select it.
  • If it is not available, the web will direct you to the relevant numbers.
  • The default golden numbers listed below the search field can be chosen.

Zong online golden number booking

  • Type reserved number
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter your Email address
  • Enter your CNIC
  • Select pickup channel
  • Select city
  • Select the nearest CSC/Franchise from the drop-down list
  • Type the characters from the picture
  • Then click Submit button

Zong golden number price

Each Zong number has different prices based on the Zong number. The first four digits of the serial number are used to create a unique price for each Zong number.

Additionally, when seven golden numbers were selected, the original price was changed. Therefore, we are unable to provide prices at this time. Please visit the closest Zong CSC/Franchise or BVS outlet with your original CNIC in order to buy a number of your choice.

Pros and cons

Convenient online booking processThe availability of specific numbers may be limited
A wide range of choices are availableVariable pricing based on the uniqueness
Memorable and unique numbersNon-transferable booking during the reservation period
Personalization options are availableThere is no option for cancellation or refund after the purchase
Personalization options are availableThe limited time frame for collection of a booked number


An internet service called Zong book my number enables users to reserve their favorite golden numbers. On the official Zong website, users can conduct a search for the desired number and book it for purchase.

You don’t need to pay any charges by using the Zong book my number service. You may also find your phone number by name for free.

Within three days of a successful booking, you will receive your golden number. Through the entered contact information, you will be informed about the pickup process.

Booking a Zong golden number has many advantages, such as:

  • Having a unique number that is different from others
  • Having a memorable number that is simple and easy to remember
  • Having a private number gives you a sense of exclusivity.
  • Making a good first impression while sharing the number with others
  • A personalized number that will improve your overall Zong user experience.
  • Taking advantage of certain special deals and discounts for golden number users


Zong book my number is a quick and easy process. The step-by-step tutorial provided makes it easy for users to save their favorite Golden Number and avail its benefits.

Only a limited number of Golden Numbers are available so customers should act quickly to secure their chosen numbers. Here we have provided all the details of the Zong BYN service. So select your favorite number and buy it.

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