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How to Recharge Zong 4G Device In 2023

How to Recharge Zong 4G device: Zong offers a variety of 4G device packages for its 4G internet users that you can choose from as per your needs. Now you can recharge Zong 4G device at home. Here we are providing some methods through which you can recharge Zong 4G device online.

There are many successful ways to pay our Zong 4G device fee every month but there are 4 methods that Pakistanis have used regularly in the last six months. So we have mentioned all 4 methods on this page.

These methods are through Easypaisa, card and banking, My Zong app and Zong Portal that are legally allowed by Zong authorities to pay your 4G internet bill. Below is a step-by-step guide for each method.

How to recharge Zong 4G device

Now it depends on you how you want to pay internet fee for Zong 4G device we have listed many options. Let’s start our article with each trick one by one. Note that the Pakistani government applies a per move deduction (government bill plus GST) on every recharge.

All methods are given below:

Via Easypaisa

We all have the Easypaisa app on our mobile phones to make digital transactions without adding taxes.

  • Launch Easypaisa app
  • Click on Bundles/Easyload section
  • Now choose the Mobile Broadband section
  • All telecom networks will appear on your mobile screen(Select Zong)
  • Many Zong 4G device buckets will appear with prices
  • Then choose 1 package for your future use and click on “Buy Now”.
  • You have to enter the device (MBB number) and confirm the payment in the last step.

Done! Now you have successfully purchased 1 month, 3 months or 6 months internet package for your Zong 4G device through the Easypaisa app and the payment has been confirmed. Consequently use Zong to enjoy continuous 4G data.

Through card and bank

We all use bank transactions to meet our bills and other debts. Because of this we have explained here the card and bank methods for Zong 4G device recharge.

  • Open the bank portal/app for MBB recharges for Zong.
  • Now click on “Mobile Recharge”.
  • “Top up” in the absence of a previous procedure.
  • Topup not available? Search for Easyload as this option also works.
  • After selecting any of the given three options fill in all the device details.
  • Enter the device number and select any recharge value.
  • After successful recharge you can activate the net package through the My Zong app.

Hence it is the second method that applies in the case of recharge through a card or through bank portals. This method is also very easy and doesn’t take much time for the user and can be performed by any net user in the easy steps that are described above.

Note: Any Zong internet device including 4G data devices, MBB devices, EVO, Wingle, Bolt or Bolt+ (all devices are rechargeable) can be charged in these two ways. However you can visit the official network portal for more tricks and methods that revolve around other apps available online on the Play Store and Apple Store.

Recharge Zong 4G device through My Zong app

  • Download the My Zong App
  • Register your MBB Device in the app
  • To register enter the MBB Number and press the arrow button
  • The system will send the pin to your MBB Device

To access the verification PIN

  • Connect to your MBB device
  • Now open the Web browser and type
  • Go to the SMS tab to access the PIN
  • Enter the Pin in the My Zong app
  • Set your profile
  • Click the recharge on the home page
  • Enter the details and the required amount and recharge your MBB Device
  • Click more at the bottom right in My Zong app
  • Then select MBB
  • Activate the MBB Bundle of your choice and press the subscribe now
  • The bundle will be activated

Pros & cons


Convenient and quick processPossible connectivity issues
Discounts and cashback offersTechnical challenges for some users
No need for physical storesSecurity concerns with online payment
Wide usage and familiarityPotential transaction fees

Card/Bank Transactions:

Utilizes familiar banking methodsConnectivity issues affecting transactions
Transaction records for trackingTechnical difficulties for some users
No need for third-party appsSecurity risks with sharing information
Can recharge without internetPotential transaction fees

My Zong App:

Secure PIN verificationPossible connectivity issues
Easy navigation and activationTechnical challenges for some users
Access to various Zong packagesLack of support for some devices
Quick activation of internet bundlesSecurity concerns with online payment


Yes you can choose different 4G device packages based on your preferences and usage needs while using these recharge methods.

Yes you can recharge your Zong device through the My Zong app. You have to follow the above steps.


Now it is very easy to recharge Zong 4G device at home. You can choose from multiple methods such as selecting a package and verifying payment through the EasyPaisa app, opting for card and bank transactions or relying on the My Zong app for PIN verification and easy recharges.

We hope you know how to recharge Zong 4G device online. Eases the process through user-friendly options that guarantee continuous access to Zong’s exceptional 4G services that cater to a wide range of preferences and user needs.

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