Zong Card Load Code – How to Recharge Card In 2023

Zong card load code: Do you want to recharge your Zong Card? If you are interested you can find the Zong card load code here. In this article we will see all the details of Zong card recharge. If you are a Zong user we will explain how to top up your mobile credit through a card.

Every telecom network in Pakistan provides a scratch card that can be used to recharge user accounts. These cards were specially created for customers who do not want to give out their phone numbers to salesmen or other people.

Users never have to compromise their privacy while using Zong cards as you never have to give your phone number to shopkeepers to load your account. Just buy a card and you can easily load your account.

Table of Information:

Service nameZong card load
Load code101Card#
Balance after loadingVarious denominations with tax deductions
Card denominationsRs. 100 Card: Rs. 88.88
Pros & consPros: Users don’t need to share phone numbers with merchants to recharge.Cons: Zong cards available in specific denominations (100, 300, 500, and 1000 rupees), might not suit all users’ needs.
FAQHow do I load a Zong scratch card?
ConclusionThe process of loading Zong cards for mobile credit recharge is covered in the article.

Zong card load code

Buy a Zong card to get balance and reload it using your SIM card. The received balance can be used to pay for subscriptions to SMS, Voice and internet packages.

Follow these steps to load the Zong card:

  • Scratch the Zong card and you will get a 14-digit code.
  • Now dial *101* all digits of the scratched card#.
  • The USSD code will appear on the screen for a few seconds.
  • A pop-up notification will confirm that the card has been recharged.
  • You will also receive the load card and current balance details.

Balance inquiry

We advise our visitors to always inquire about their current balance after a Zong card recharge as the network pays the entire outstanding balance after deducting taxes. However both the card recharge tax and the loan balance must be paid at the same time as the card recharge if the customer has taken an advance balance or loan.

Service nameZong card load

Balance after the card load

There are four types of Zong cards on the market. Zong has introduced its cards in PKR increments of 100, 300, 500 and 1000. These cards recharge the user’s account based on their individual values. For example after tax deduction a Rs. 100 card gives Rs. 88.

Zong card PricesReceive load
100 Rupees CardRs. 88.88
300 Rupees CardRs. 266.67
500 Rupees CardRs. 444.44
1000 Rupees CardRs. 888.89

Pros & cons

Privacy: Users don’t need to share phone numbers with merchants to recharge.Limited Variability: Zong cards available in specific denominations (100, 300, 500, and 1000 rupees), might not suit all users’ needs.
Convenience: Easy process of scratching the card and dialing a simple USSD code (101Card#) for recharge.Tax Deduction: After recharge, the network deducts taxes, reducing the actual recharge amount.
Balance Inquiry: Users are advised to check their balance after recharge due to tax deductions.Loan Deduction: If users have taken an advance balance or loan, it must be paid along with the recharge.
Various Denominations: Zong offers multiple card denominations catering to different budgets.Limited Information: The article lacks detailed information about specific taxes or deductions.
No Additional Cost: The process of loading the card using the USSD code is free of charge.Limited Flexibility: Users can only recharge using specific card denominations, limiting flexibility.
Quick Confirmation: A pop-up notification confirms a successful recharge.Limited Recharge Methods: This article only covers processes using scratch cards and USSD codes. Other methods are not mentioned.


Dial 101 and press send.

  • The operator will ask you to enter a 14-digit code on the scratch card.
  • After that wait a few seconds.
  • If the 14-digit code is correct, the operator will inform you about the latest balance on your Zong SIM. If not you will need to enter the 14-digit number again.


In this page, we have provided all details of Zong card load code. Zong users can easily and efficiently top up their balance through these scratch cards without having to share their phone number. Users can recharge by simply dialing 101 code# after scratching the card to reveal the 14-digit code.

The post-recharge balance check is emphasized in the article, which also highlights that the network pays any unpaid balance after tax deductions. Zong provides cards with tax deductible amounts in different amounts (100, 300, 500, and 1000).

Overall this method provides a safe and efficient option for Zong users to add more credit to their mobile phones. Zong card load service is very helpful for you. Don’t forget to share this post. For more interesting blogs about Zong, stay connected with us.

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