Zong Load Reversal Code 2023

If you are worried that you have sent Zong load to wrong phone number then this article will help you. You can easily reverse your Zong load through Zong load reversal service but for that you need to know all about its methods.

In this article, you will learn about the Zong load reversal code that you have sent to wrong person. So don’t worry, it’s very easy and you can reverse the load quickly. Below are all the methods, follow them.

How to reverse the Zong load?

If you want to reverse your Zong load because of an accidental case, you can easily get your load. There are two ways to reverse your load. These methods are very simple and easy.

  • Through SMS
  • Through call

Zong reverse load through SMS

To get the Zong load reversed through, follow the steps:

  1. You need to open your messaging app and text a message.
  2. Ask your Zong retrailer for your pin code.
  3. Enter your 11-digit code and send it to 33567 or 212.
  4. After doing this, you can receive your Zong load in a few moments.

Zong reverse load through call

Another way to reverse your Zong load is call method. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the dial pad of the phone, and now dial the number 170.
  2. You must talk with the Zong customer officer and tell them your issue.
  3. The officer will ask for some details, such as transaction ID, pin code, etc.
  4. They confirm this issue and work for it, that you provided all the details to them.
  5. After verification, you can reverse your Zong load.

Why is Zong load reversal code needed?

Sometimes we enter wrong number by mistake while loading from mobile retailer which results in the load going to the wrong number. This wastes us a lot of money but since we now have some methods to reverse your Zong load, you don’t have to worry. Yes, you can use load reversal service to get your load back.

Terms & Conditions

  • Your load will be refunded, if it is not used by the wrong number.
  • You will not receive your full load if the number where you transferred the load has taken an advance loan.
  • If you want to recover your load, you must complete this process as soon as possible.


This service is very beneficial for you as it saves you from wasting money. Sometimes you get your Zong balance loaded to wrong number and then you worry about it but with Zong load reversal code, you can get back your Zong balance. Don’t forget to share this post. Stay connected with us for more Zong services and packages.

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