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Zong Monthly Mini Offer 2023

Zong provides many offers for its customers as they can easily choose their preferred package. Today we have provided the Zong Monthly Mini offer. It gives you less data, but you can use it for a whole month. This offer is for some MBs only and does not provide any call minutes or SMS.

In this article, we provide all the details of the Zong Monthly Mini Offer. You can easily subscribe to it through its code and enjoy this low price offer. Below are all the details of this monthly package.

Zong Monthly Mini Package

Package nameMonthly Mini
Data 150MB
Validity 30 days
Price Rs. 50
Subscription code*6464#

This package provides 150 MB for just Rs. 150, which you can use for the next 30 days. The subscription code is *6464#.

How to subscribe?

  • Dial *6464#.
  • This offer is also available on My Zong app.
  • Visit your nearest Zong retailer shop.

Terms & Conditions

  • The user’s device, location and region will affect the maximum internet speed available.
  • Only prepaid Zong users are allowed to use these bundles.
  • Internet costs without bundles are Rs. 1 per MB.
  • By calling *102#, you can check the remaining data. Each application costs Rs. 0.10.


This offer will be unsubscribed automatically after 30 days.

No, this offer does not give you any call minutes for the Zong network or another network.

You can check it by dialing *102#, and you can also check your remaining data through the My Zong App.

It gives you 150MB for Rs. 50, and it is an affordable package.


This offer is very affordable because it gives you data for 30 days. Even a normal person can easily get it without any tension. This offer provides you with 150MB for just Rs. 50. Its validity is 30 days, and you can subscribe to it by dialing *6464#. So subscribe and enjoy it for a whole week.

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