Zong Easypaisa Account Code 2023 | Create Easypaisa on Zong

We will discuss the Zong Easypaisa account code in this article. Follow the steps provided here to register an Easypaisa account on Zong SIM. Zong Easypaisa helpline number for all prepaid SIM card users is 042-111-003-737.

This article on Easypaisa provides two different types of information. Both methods are free and involve just a few simple steps. Each method will be fully explained with a simple step-by-step discussion. If you are using the service on Zong 4G simply dial 042-111-003-737 from your Zong prepaid or postpaid SIM card to reach the Easypaisa helplines.

Local instant money transfer service Easypaisa operates across Pakistan. You just need to enter the recipient’s phone number and confirm the amount you want to transfer whether you have a network SIM card in Pakistan or not. Your funds will be transferred quickly.

Table of Information:

Zong Easypaisa account code*2262#
Zong Easypaisa Helpline Number042-111-003-737
Charges for HelplineRs. 5
Money Transfer ServiceLocal instant money transfer service across Pakistan
How to Transfer MoneyEnter recipient’s phone number and confirm the amount to transfer
Zong Easypaisa accountUse the Zong Easypaisa Helpline to send money to any network number in Pakistan
Zong Helpline for Telenor Users042-111-003-737 (both prepaid and postpaid SIM users can use this)
Creating Easypaisa AccountDownload easypaisa app from Google Play Store
Benefits of Easypaisa AccountSending and receiving money
Service ChargesGovernment fees including taxes apply to Zong prepaid or postpaid SIM card calls

Zong Easypaisa account code

The Zong Easypaisa Helpline phone number is 042-111-003-737 for both prepaid and postpaid customers. So if you want to send your desired amount to any network number in Pakistan then use this service.

Zong helpline Easypaisa042-111-003-737
ChargesRs. 5

You can reach Easypaisa staff anytime using this service code. We recommend our Pakistani brothers use this service to send or receive money from the comfort of their homes.

Zong Easypaisa account code for money transfer

You can transfer or receive money quickly with the help of the Easypaisa Quick Transfer feature. It allows money transfers by just providing a mobile number. The recipient will receive the money when you confirm the payment.

Zong customers can easily contact Telenor by calling the helpline number 042-111-003-737 which is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. So you don’t have any problem distributing the ideal amount all over Pakistan. Use the Zong Easypaisa account code service to send money to any network phone.

You can use the service round the clock and contact Easypaisa support for any kind of assistance. All network users should use it but Zong users really should because they benefit from it a lot.

Create the Easypaisa on Zong

Follow these steps:

  1. Download Easypaisa app from Google Play Store on your mobile phone and install it.
  2. Enter your Zong SIM number in the box and press the Next button.
  3. In this step you need to enter a valid 13-digit CNIC number.
  4. Enter the date of issue of CNIC.
  5. You can skip steps 3 and 4 by simply scanning your ID on the app.
  6. After that you need to create a new PIN for your Easypaisa account login. (PIN must be 5 digits.)
  7. When you reach this point your account is ready to use. You can now send and receive money to your account.

Benefits of Easypaisa Account

Simply put these are the benefits of this service. Zong Easypaisa account code and its helpline service are specially designed for the following issues while using this service at any number.

  1. Easypaisa helps to send and receive money.
  2. The service is explained to us through its helpline.
  3. Transaction bottleneck resolution.
  4. Relief for financial or transactional loss.
  5. Instructions for sending payment.

Service charges

Calls made using Zong prepaid or postpaid SIM cards will incur government fees including taxes. Depending on how long the user’s call was, it will be dropped.

Pros & cons

Easy Money Transfer: Easypaisa allows quick and easy money transfers across Pakistan.Charges Apply: There is a nominal charge of Rs. 5 for using the Zong Easypaisa service.
Convenience: Users can receive and send money from the comfort of their homes.Limited Network: The Easypaisa service is limited to Zong users only.
Quick Transfer Feature: Money can be transferred by just providing a mobile number.CNIC Requirement: Users need to provide a valid 13-digit CNIC number to create an account.
24/7 Availability: The service is available round the clock for assistance.SIM Dependency: Users must have a Zong SIM card to use the service.
Helps with Transaction Issues: Easypaisa helpline assists with transaction-related queries.Call Charges: Calling the helpline incurs regular call charges based on the duration of the call.
Financial Relief: Provides relief for financial or transactional losses.Limited to Pakistan: The service is available only for transactions within Pakistan.
Mobile Account: Easypaisa offers a real bank account accessible via mobile phones.Network Dependency: The availability of the service depends on network coverage.


Easypaisa mobile account is a real bank account that is easy to use and available on all networks from your mobile phone whenever you want.

It is free for all telecom users.

For Zong customers code is *2262#.


Now transferring money through Easypaisa is fast and easy. Large sums of money can be sent or received in seconds without creating security issues. So through this article you will know about Easypaisa code and how to open Easypaisa account.

If you want to create an account on any other network like Jazz, Telenor, Ufone or Warid, the steps will be the same. Instead save your extra taxes and prefer your services to Pakistan. We hope that after reading this article you have got to know about Zong Easypaisa account code.

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