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Zong Weekly AIO Offer – 4GB Package Details

Today, we are providing cheapest weekly package. Zong Weekly AIO is also the best weekly offer because it is a hybrid offer. It is called hybrid because it provides all these things, including internet data, ZongMint SMS, and other minutes, to be enjoyed for a week.

You no longer need to subscribe to separate packages for internet and calls. In this article, we will see all the details and information of the Zong Weekly AIO. This offer gives you more call minutes. So if you want to use more call minutes then this offer is perfect for you.

Zong Weekly AIO 

Package name Weekly AIO
Data 4GB
On-net minutes5000
Off-net minutes60
Price Rs. 270
Validity 7 days
Activation code*707#

This offer provides 4GB internet, 5000 Zong minutes, 5000 SMS and 60 other network minutes. The price of this offer is Rs. 270. You can subscribe this by dialing *707#.

How to subscribe to this offer?

Follow the steps:

  1. You can subscribe to this offer using its subscription code, which is *707#.
  2. This offer is also available on My Zong App.
  3. This is also a code to subscribe to this offer, *6464#>4>1>2.
  4. You can subscribe by visiting Zong website.
  5. Visit your nearest Zong retailer.

How to activate this package through SMS?

Some people feel it is easier to send only one SMS for the subscription of their package rather than dialing any code. This method is best for those who generally cannot read anything. You need to send the message “Weekly 150” to 6464. So, this is another way to activate the Zong Weekly AIO.

Terms & Conditions

  • With each recharge, there will be a 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) tax.
  • Then, if applicable, a 19.5% FED will be applied on usage.
  • The user will be charged a 19.5% sales tax (GST), if applicable.
  • Prepaid users are only valid for this deal.
  • Refunds are not given for fees.
  • The package has seven days left on it.
  • If you use it without purchasing an internet plan, the default fee of Rs. 18 will be charged.


  • This offer is for only prepaid SIM users.
  • You cannot unsubscribe before 7 days. After 7 days it will automatically unsubscribe.
  • If the package is deactivated, there is no return for the remaining money.
  • Multiple All-in-One bundle subscriptions are allowed.
  • If the resources are re-subscribed within the allotted time, they will roll over.


To unsubscribe from this offer, you need to send an SMS “UNSUB Weekly 150” to 6464. After this, the offer will be deactivated automatically. There are many ways to subscribe to this offer in this article.

You can check your remaining MBs by dialing the code *102#. You may also check the MBs through the My Zong App.


Here we have provided all the details of Zong Weekly AIO. This offer is perfect for those who want to use unlimited Zong minutes and SMS throughout the week. This package gives 5000 Zong minutes and 5000 SMS. As for other network minutes, this offer provides 60 other networks.

This offer gives less internet but more call minutes and SMS. This offer provides 4GB of internet that you can use for gaming, streaming, browsing, downloading, anywhere. This offer is priced at only Rs. 250. So subscribe to this offer and enjoy high speed internet for a whole week.

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