Zong Free SMS Code | Send SMS Without Balance 2023

Would you like to get unlimited Zong free SMS? Only Zong SMS is now 100% accurate and makes it possible. Zong makes it possible to send SMS for free by using some codes and tricks.

In case of emergency or if you run out of balance, you can send and receive unlimited free text messages using Zong’s free SMS code. Sending “Please call me back” text messages for free is a popular Zong user practice.

The past two years have shown how easy it is to get free on Zong. This is legit because Zong offers free minutes, SMS and MB to improve its market value. Free services also increase the number of Zong SIM users.

Send Zong SMS without balance

Zong users can send SMS messages without worrying about their account balance which is a huge advantage. By using the Zong free SMS code you can enjoy unlimited messaging freedom. Just follow the steps below to activate this wonderful service:

  1. Dial *700# on your mobile phone.
  2. Type the correct phone number in the recipient number field.
  3. Type your message in the message body.

After entering the code just hit the “Send” button to finish. You will not be charged and your message will be delivered promptly.

How to get Zong free SMS

  • Dial *100#
  • Reply with “1”
  • Enter the recipient’s mobile number and tap the send button.
  • The message will be delivered to your provided number.

This is Zong real free SMS code in 2023. This is very helpful in an emergency when you have no balance and need to send a text message. With this code it is now possible. You can send messages anytime in Pakistan. Below are more Zong free SMS codes.

  • *44#
  • *34#
  • *10#
  • *568#
  • *638#
  • *2244#
  • *537*2#
  • *56*8*23#
  • Install the My Zong app
  • Send a text message on 4111


Users can avail free rewards through this code if they have a new SIM card or an old 3G SIM card. Just dial *44# to convert your 3G SIM to 4G network and get free SMS, MBs and minutes.


The network launched this code specifically to give 500 SMS free. Dial *34# to activate free bundle gift with unlimited validity.


Only new SIM users can use this code. Dial *10# to activate this bundle and enjoy the welcome bonus that Zong gives to all new SIM users.


Dial the code below and get unlimited free SMS for the whole day. This code is a one day free SMS code valid for prepaid users. Not only that you will get 10 free MB with this code.


This code which was released in 2020 was a titan of free resources. Given that 40% of SIM cards don’t support it, it can’t be said for sure whether it worked or not. You can test it on your SIM.

*2244Your SIM must have been inactive for 30 days. When you activate your SIM on the 31st day, dial *2244# to get unlimited rewards for the specified period. These benefits include unlimited SMS.

*537*2# or *56*8*23#

Dial *537*2# or *56*8*23# for 7 days free SMS on Zong network. These two codes known as twin codes give users secret rewards.

Install the My Zong app

All 2G/3G/4G SIM users can avail this amazing opportunity of thousands of MBs, SMS and minutes if they have not yet downloaded and installed “My Zong App“. Just download this app and register it to get a registration bonus.

By sending text message to 4111

Send a new SMS with this “RM8585” and type it to 4111 code. If you have free resources of earlier packages then the corporation will verify you and send you free SMS.

Pros & cons

Allows sending SMS without balanceSome codes might not work on all SIM cards
Helps in emergencies when out of balanceSpecific codes may only be applicable to certain users
Increases the number of Zong SIM usersSome codes may require a new SIM or specific conditions
Offers free minutes, SMS, and MBsLimited validity for certain offers
Easy activation processRequires a minimum balance for some offers
Access to additional Zong featuresNot all codes may provide the desired benefits


When you dial the Zong free SMS code a special USSD code free SMS service is made available for your mobile phone.

If you want to get free SMS service then you need to know what to do if you enter the wrong code. The SMS offer can be activated by following a few simple steps.

You must have a minimum balance in your account to avail of Zong free SMS code service.


Instant messaging through text messages is important. You should use them so that you can contact anyone it will benefit everyone. Zong Free SMS Code is a great way to reduce your regular phone expenses. In addition to being able to send text messages for free you will be able to access more Zong features.

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