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Zong Monthly Social Mini Offer

Many people need social internet like WhatsApp and Facebook. Zong Monthly Social Mini is specially designed for people who only want to use WhatsApp and Facebook. The price of this offer is only Rs. 170. You can subscribe to this offer by dialing *250#.

In this article, we have given all the details of this package. It provides 6GB data. This 6GB data can be used only for WhatsApp and Facebook. This is a very affordable offer and you must check it out. Check out all the details below.

Zong Monthly Social Mini package

Here are all the details of this package:

Package nameMonthly Ssocial Mini
Data 6GB (Facebook and Whatsapp)
Price Rs. 170
Validity 30 days
Subscription code *250#

This package provides 6 GB of Facebook and Whatsapp for 30 days. Dial the code *250# and enjoy the this package.

Enjoy the 6GB

This offer provides 6GB (WhatsApp and Facebook) internet for a whole month. If you use WhatsApp or Facebook a lot now, you don’t need to subscribe to the full internet package. This package only gives data for WhatsApp and Facebook so the package is very cheap. Subscribe and enjoy.

How to subscribe?

You can activate this service through different methods:

  1. Dial *250#.
  2. Via My Zong app.
  3. Visiting Zong official website.
  4. By visiting Zong franchise.

Pros & cons

Affordable price Rs. 170Limited to Facebook and WhatsApp 
Gives 6GB data for Facebook & WhatsAppNo SMS or call minutes included


This is the offer in which a user gets 6 GB, but it is not for all the net; it is only for Facebook and Whatsapp for 30 days. The method to subscribe is very easy; just dial *205# and enjoy the offer for 30 days for just Rs. 170.

To unsubscribe from the offer, you will just type “UNSUB” and then send it to 6464. In this way, your offer will be frequently unsubscribed.

No, there is no SMS or any call minutes from the offer. It just provides 6 GB for Facebook and Whatsapp.


Zong Monthly Social Mini is a very affordable package. It offers 6GB data for 30 days which is the best offer for those who want to connect with their relatives or loved ones. This package is only for Facebook and WhatsApp but only for Rs. 170. You can subscribe to this offer by dialing *205#. So subscribe to this offer now and enjoy high speed internet.

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