Zong Call Divert Code – Call Forwarding Service 2023

This is very important to remove confusion between Zong call divert code and Zong call forwarding service. Both are same. Because of the way it works, the service is known by different names. We’ll show you how to use your Zong SIM to redirect calls for free. We will provide various call diverting codes that guide callers when you are busy, unavailable or unable to answer a call.

Additionally, we have also provided a Zong call divert deactivation code if you decide to stop using this service. Only few people know and use this service. However, this service is very user friendly and very beneficial.

Zong call forwarding code

Zong call divert service offers four different options. Each aspect of the Zong call divert service can be accessed by subscribing through a unique code, which activates the respective service.

The 4 modes are as follows:

  1. Out-of-reach mode
  2. Unconditional or other mode
  3. Busy mode
  4. Don’t pick call mode

This article provides comprehensive information regarding Zong call divert service, including subscription and un subscription codes, and other details.

Zong call divert modes

You can enable the busy mode on a phone number if you wish to avoid answering calls from it. Once activated, callers will consistently hear a busy signal, indicating your unavailability.

Number out-of-reach mode

ServicePriceActivation codeDeactivation codeAvailability
Out-of-reach modeFree##62#**62*Number#For prepaid users

Unconditional or other mode

ServicePriceActivation codeDeactivation codeAvailability
Out-of-reach modeFree##21#**21*Number#For prepaid users

Busy mode

ServicePriceActivation codeDeactivation codeAvailability
Out-of-reach modeFree##67#**67*Number#For prepaid users

Don’t pick call mode

ServicePriceActivation codeDeactivation codeAvailability
Out-of-reach modeFree##61#**61*Number#For prepaid users

Mobile call divert settings

Every mobile phone user whether it is an Android smartphone or a traditional keypad phone can access this service. If you ever have trouble activating call forwarding on your SIM card, don’t worry.

You can easily enable this service by following the given simple steps. Just go to your mobile phone settings, enable the feature, and you will easily be able to redirect your incoming calls to a specific number of your choice. Follow the steps given below:

  • First, turn on your mobile
  • Now turn on your mobile data
  • Go to phone settings
  • Then select “call settings”
  • Click on “call forwarding”
  • Now activate this function
  • And add “divert” contacts
  • Finally, click on “save settings”

Pros & cons

Offers four distinct call divert modesMay not be widely known among Zong users
User-friendly and convenient to set upThe call-forwarding feature may remain unused
Helps manage incoming calls effectivelyNot commonly used, leading to limited awareness
Ensures important calls are not missedNot suitable for users who prefer direct calls
Provides a range of options for call managementCall divert settings need initial configuration


You can activate this promotion by dialing the provided codes or by calling the Zong Helpline at 310. As you proceed, you will be requested to enter the specific number to which you wish to redirect your calls, following the course of action you have chosen.


For those who want to divert their calls to an alternate number at certain times, this is the best offer. Users retain the freedom to disable the Service at any time. Although call forwarding is a rarely used feature, it can prove invaluable in certain situations.

By enabling various call forwarding techniques, individuals can handle their calls efficiently and prevent the possibility of missing important calls. So activate this offer by following the methods given above.

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