Zong WhatsApp Packages

WhatsApp is a very useful app all over the world. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp. If you are using WhatsApp you need internet. So, here are some Zong WhatsApp packages that we are showing you. Zong daily, weekly and monthly WhatsApp packages are very useful and cheap. So you must check out these packages.

In this article, we have given all Zong WhatsApp packages. We have also provided the activation code for each package. So you can easily subscribe to any package. See all other details below.

Zong WhatsApp packages 2023

Zong WhatsApp packages are very cheap but gives a lot of data. Here are weekly and monthly WhatsApp packages. You can see below.

Zong monthly WhatsApp packages

See all the monthly WhatsApp packages:

Zong WhatsApp monthly 5GB

Packages nameZong WhatsApp monthly 5GB
PriceRs. 100
Data5GB WhatsApp
Validity30 days
Activation code*247#

The package name is Zong WhatAapp monthly 5GB. It provides 5GB WhatsApp for a whole month at only Rs. 100. You can subscribe by dialing *247#.

Zong WhatsApp and SMS monthly

Package nameZong WhatsApp and SMS monthly
PriceRs. 75
Data30 MB WhatsApp (per day)
SMS500 (per day)
Validity30 days
Activation code*705#

The package name is Zong Whatsapp and SMS monthly. It provides 30 MB Whatsapp and 500 SMS (per day) for 30 days. The subscription is very easy, just dial *705#.

Zong weekly WhatsApp packages

There is a WhatsApp weekly package. Here are given:

Zong WhatsApp weekly

Package name Zong WhatsApp weekly
PriceRs. 32
Data200 MB
Validity7 days
Activation code*702#

The package name is Zong WhatsApp weekly. It provides 200 MB WhatsApp and 1300 SMS for 7 days. To subscribe this package, the activation code is *702#.

Daily SMS and WhatsApp bundle

Zong WhatsApp weekly package is also only one. Details are given below:

Package nameDaily SMS and WhatsApp bundle
PriceRs. 7
Data30 MB data for WhatsApp, 1 MB Internet
Validity1 day
Activation code*700#

This package name is a daily SMS and WhatsApp bundle. It provides 30 MB for WhatsApp, 1 MB Internet, and 500 SMS for 1 day. You can subscribe to the package by dialing *700#.

Pros & cons

Affordable pricingLimited to WhatsApp usage
SMS included in some packagesNetwork coverage may vary
Easy activation through provided codesUnused data/SMS may not roll over
Unlimited WhatsApp offer for data usersNo mention of call minutes

Ters & coniditions

  • A rate of 12.5% ​​is applicable on all recharges.
  • 19.5% GST on usage.
  • The out of bundle rate is Rs. 1 per MB.
  • The above automatically re-subscribes.


As people around the world want to use WhatsApp, Zong 4G has announced a SIM Lagao offer that provides free WhatsApp data.

Dial *247#, type “2”, and send to unsubscribe from the offer. You can also unsubscribe by texting “Unsubscribe” to 6464.


In 2023, people want to save their money. So these WhatsApp packages are very affordable. You can choose any package and subscribe easily as we have provided their activation codes as well. In this article, we have given you weekly and monthly Zong WhatsApp packages. So choose any package and enjoy.

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