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Now you can use free calls. With Zong’s free call service, you can get 100 minutes with no balance for the next 24 hours. Zong reduced the quantity and reduced the 100 free minutes to 20 minutes per day due to many activations of Zong free call service.

In this article, we will tell you all the information about Zong Free Call Code. Zong free call service is launched for the convenience of users to save their money. Check out all the details of this service below.

Table of information

Activation CodeDial *45#
Activation SMSSend FVO to 6464
Call Setup ChargesNo setup fee for calls under 20 minutes
Package DetailsAvailable for Zong-to-Zong calls only
Applicable toAll Zong 2G, 3G, and 4G subscribers
Usage LimitCan be subscribed to once every. (24 hours)
Stackable withOther Zong packages
DurationValid for one day only
Pros1. Get 20 minutes of daily free call time within the Zong network..
Cons1. The offer is restricted to calls within the Zong network only.
FAQQ1. What is the Zong free minutes code?

Zong daily free minutes

Details of the free minutes and activation code:

Offer Name:Free Minutes
SUB-Code:Dial *45#
SUB-SMS:Send FVO to 6464

Zong free minutes code & SMS

Dial *45# to activate this service. Another way to activate this service is to text FVO to 6464. You can use these free minutes for Zong minutes only.

Zong free call

This is an on-network calling bundle that you can activate daily if you want to receive 20 minutes of call time, and these 20 minutes will be very helpful for you. Because there are no charges for this service. It is 100% free. So activate this offer and enjoy it.

Call setup charges

Zong users who don’t have enough balance to make important daily calls are ideal users for this bundle. As a result for any call lasting less than 20 minutes there will be no setup fee. You can stay in touch with your loved ones using Zong 4G. This service is very useful for everyone.

Terms & Conditions

  • All 2G, 3G and 4G SIM users can subscribe to this free offer.
  • This offer does not include any call setup fees.
  • Any other network can be purchased with this offer.
  • By dialing *102# or using the “My Zong” app on your phone, you can check how many minutes are left.
  • In every 24-hour period, you can only subscribe to this offer once.
  • To contact customer care about this offer, dial *310# from your Zong mobile phone.

Pros & cons

Get 20 minutes of daily free call time within the Zong network.The offer is restricted to calls within the Zong network only.
There is no cost to subscribe to the offer.The free minutes are valid for one day only.
Activate by dialing *45# or sending an SMS.Users need to subscribe daily to the offer.
Can be used along with other Zong packages.For calls lasting more than 20 minutes, standard call charges apply.
This offer is available for all Zong 2G, 3G, and 4G users.The offer doesn’t include free calls to other networks.
There is no setup fee for calls lasting less than 20 minutes.The offer is not valid for international calls.


Due to the Zong free call code, users can avail of free call minutes, which is a special feature. Regardless of your subscription plan and current offer, details are subject to change.

Depending on the Zong bundle you choose, different free minutes may be available. Advice to verify the validity and duration of free minutes offered with Zong.

This offer is exclusively for the Zong network. You can use the Zong other network call packages to make calls to other networks.


For those who want call minutes without the burden of high cost, Zong free call service is perfect for them. Zong has built this service to keep its users connected and happy. You can stay in touch with your loved ones while enjoying Zong free minutes. So subscribe this free offer now and enjoy Zong free minutes. If you want to read more details, visit Zong official website.

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