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Zong Super Star Offer – Price, Code and Details

Today we will review a monthly offer, which gives all the data to the users. It is the Zong Super Star offer. It is a hybrid package so it provides Zong minutes, SMS and other network minutes. It is a cheap and easily affordable offer.

Here we have given all the details of this offer. This offer gives 8GB internet which you can use for gaming, streaming, downloading, browsing, everywhere. The price of this offer is only Rs. 575.

Zong Super Star offer 2023

Package nameSuper Star
Data 8GB
On-net minutes3000
Off-net minutes500
Price Rs. 575
Validity 30 days
Activation code*7070#

This offer offers 8GB internet with 5000 on-net minutes, 5000 SMS and 500 off-net minutes. This is a 30 day offer. This offer is worth only Rs. 575. You subscribe to this offer by dialing *7070#.

How to subscribe?

  • Open your phone dialer, dial *7070#.
  • Using My Zong app.
  • You can also visit Zong official website.
  • Go to nearest Zong retailer shop.

How to unsubscribe?

  • Dial the Zong helpline 310.
  • This offer can also be unsubscribed through the My Zong app.

Status code

If you want to check your remaining MB then you can dial *102#. You can also check your remaining minutes and SMS.


The subscription code is *7070# and you can easily subscribe to this offer just by dialing this code.

To check the remaining data or MBs, dial the code *102#. You will receive an SMS, which will tell you your remaining data.


The Zong super star offer is the monthly offer that provides 8GB internet, 3000 on-net minutes, 3000 SMS and 500 off-net minutes. This offer is more useful for people who want to get more internet and data for calling and SMS. The price of this offer is only Rs. 575. So subscribe and enjoy this offer.

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